About Us

Please don't come to our office, it's a weird thing to do.


We have accepted that everything we do is an educated guess. Things just happen.

We don't have long term plans, design documents, financial forecasts.



We don't have tiers of management. We feel like we can avoid that by hiring people that don't need to be managed.

Need advice? Help? Just ask. But we don't give you a list of tasks to complete.



You can make games yourself, so why work for us and lose out on a ton of money? We agree.

If you work for us you have the security of a monthly wage and we'll give you a bonus based on the profits of any money you make for us.

Typically we pay out over 50% of the profits of our games on bonuses. As far as we're aware, that's unique in the entire games industry.

Our Projects

We encourage starting new projects and exploring new ideas, even if that reveals how terrible we are at what we do. We encourage documenting the development process and learning from mistakes by creating postmortems.

We like to be as open as possible with the community unless there's a good reason not to.

available to the public, may still be in development
Garry's Mod
Ultra moddable physics sandbox
Started on Dec 2004, 154 months ago
Hardcore survival game for the PC.
Started on May 2012, 63 months ago
Started on Jun 2015, 25 months ago
Easy to use Steamworks library for C#
Started on Jul 2016, 13 months ago
in development, ranging from projects being seriously worked on for release to side projects/experiments
Games within a game game, which refuses to die
Started on Aug 2013, 48 months ago
Started on Jan 2014, 44 months ago
Stone age simulation
Started on Sep 2014, 36 months ago
Started on Jan 2016, 19 months ago
Started on Mar 2016, 17 months ago
Sandbox Game
Started on Aug 2016, 12 months ago
Project : Tile
Turn based, tactical 1v1 multiplayer duel game.
Started on Jan 2017, 7 months ago
Started on Feb 2017, 6 months ago
Cyber Bastards
Sneaking and electronics and stuff
Started on Jun 2017, 2 months ago
Started on Jun 2017, 2 months ago
A side project in which I try to make a basic tile-based farming game with coop multiplayer
Started on Jun 2017, 1 months ago
A medieval sword & sorcery fantasy game, built using the systems we developed for Rust.
Started on Jul 2017, 1 months ago
no longer being developed and probably never will be
Arcade Tennis
Started May 2014, abandoned after 39 months
Explore an arcade in first person.
Started Aug 2014, abandoned after 37 months
Roguelike twin stick shooter
Started Jan 2015, abandoned after 32 months
Started Oct 2015, abandoned after 22 months
Free for all multiplayer game where you roll around as a sphere eating anything smaller than you and avoiding anything bigger than you
Started Nov 2015, abandoned after 21 months
Started Dec 2016, abandoned after 8 months
Started Dec 2016, abandoned after 7 months
Started Mar 2017, abandoned after 5 months
Join Us

We're looking for anyone that has made their own game. The ideal candidate will be a programmer, will have made a game single handed, and will laugh at dick jokes.


You can be anywhere in the world, and work from home. Or come to our office in Walsall. We don't care.


We don't hire through agents. We don't want unpaid workers. We don't do internships or work experience. We love C#, C++ programmers. We love Unity and Unreal. We want to make console games too.


Send us an email. Show us the games you've made.


Our Team

Our team comes from all around the world.