About Us
Facepunch Studios

We are a game developer based out of Walsall in the UK, but our team are from all over the place.

We are the developers behind staples of the PC gaming scene including Garry's Mod and Rust.

We are also developing several prototypes at any given time and seeing what sticks. Read more about them on our Projects page.


Send Stuff

I dunno, maybe you made something cool you want us to see?

Facepunch Studios, PO Box 7241, WALSALL, WS1 9RN

About Our Work

We have accepted that everything we do is an educated guess. Things just happen.

We don't have long term plans, design documents, financial forecasts.


We don't have tiers of management. We feel like we can avoid that by hiring people that don't need to be managed.

Need advice? Help? Just ask. But we don't give you a list of tasks to complete.


You can make games yourself, so why work for us and lose out on a ton of money? We agree.

If you work for us you have the security of a monthly wage and we'll give you a bonus based on the profits of any money you make for us.

Typically we pay out over 50% of the profits of our games on bonuses. As far as we're aware, that's unique in the entire games industry.