Working For Us


You can be anywhere in the world, and work from home. Or work from our office. We don't care.


We don't hire through agents. We don't want unpaid workers. We don't do internships or work experience. We love C#, C++ programmers. We love Unity and Unreal. We want to make console games as well as PC games.


Because we'll let you do what you enjoy doing all day, and we'll even pay you to do it. If you work from home you can jack it whenever you want and we won't even know. You'll effectively be being paid to jack it.

Currently Seeking


Ideal candidate has experience modelling, rigging and animating viewmodels for first person games. You'll be tasked with creating new viewmodels as well as adding and extending animations on old models.

While ideally the candidate will be able to model, rig and animate, we're willing to consider anyone that can do any of these things well.

Level Designer

Can you make levels? Can you plan out and design levels? Are you willing to do it in Unity? Please apply.

(when applying, less text, more pictures and videos)